Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Ever Journal Page

My First Art Journal Page
I saw something about Art Journaling in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and I was intrigued.  I wasn't sure how to start or what it was really about so when I saw that there was a class at CREATE,  I jumped at the chance to learn more.  In August 2010 I signed up for a class called Inspired Journaling Every Single Day with Melanie Testa.  She had us start out by writing down our fears, then we proceeded to cover the page with our favorite color.  We used all kinds of techniques.  It was a great way to try a little of everything. 

The top bird, butterfly and the flowers in the lower right-hand corner are ripped from napkins.  The main bird was traced onto tracing paper then glued on with a glue stick and then painted to add some color.  I added glue-on crystals to the crown for some glitz.  I wanted to try everything Melly showed us, so there is alot going on with this page.  I was satisfied with the results!

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